There are no limits

Unsolicited Application
at Pinetco

Are you really ready? Can you handle our energetic crew? Be prepared for turbulence in our space - vacuum is not our thing. You may encounter a supernova. You might even be heading off to some uncharted galaxy.
By the way: Do not think in hierarchies

Do we have a job for you?

We are ALWAYS looking for people from whom we can learn and who are an enrichment for the team. Professionally and culturally.

We currently have Superpowers like a CEO with a resting pulse of 40; the God of Drums & Sales in one person; a highly analytical, living Marvel encyclopaedia; one of the best Quidditch players in Germany; a globetrotter with 30 countries of experience; the only true Lord of the Boards... What is your Superpower?

Expert knowledge in marketing, sales and consulting

Graphics, PPC, strategy, conception, SEO, programming, sales, project management, analyses, consulting, social media - we can and do all of this successfully. If you are strong in one of these areas, then we look forward to getting to know you. But we also like to pack you with our knowledge so that you can accompany us on our journey.



We do not need to talk about further education, because you are intrinsically interested in opening up new horizons. Instead of Netflix, you're binge watching Larry Kim? That's us! Of course, we will also send you to helpful conferences or lectures (if you shout HERE) or get the coaching book of your choice. Do you prefer a video training? No problem.

Mentoring program for Cultural Fit

You spend your precious life with us. We appreciate that. You must feel comfortable and have a close connection to the team from the very beginning.

We will place an experienced mentor at your side to make you part of the Pinetco universe in no time. You get to know our values and culture, set goals, receive regular feedback and can quickly readjust your course if necessary.

Working environment & corporate culture

First premise: Trust! We are proud of our corporate culture and only if everyone is fair will it work. Get ready:

  • flexible working hours (you decide when you come and go)
  • colleagues who support each other and act as a team
  • stylish Mac books
  • cook together, eat together, play football, hustle
  • events like water skiing, climbing, cable car races, game nights, barbecues, escape rooms...
  • always fresh fruit
  • the tools you need to work
  • fair wages
  • regular praise infront of the whole team

Dear Sir or Madam… STOP! 

Show us what you can and what you want. Why are you exactly the rocket helping Pinetco grow? And make yourself happy? We look forward to some creative input.