Software and App Development

Our software and app development services provide tailored solutions to transform your digital ideas into powerful applications.

Why Develop with Coders From Pinetco?

We take the time to explain every detail to you and show you how we can help you achieve your goals.
Team India

Enthusiastic Team for Fast Results

You don't want to commission something and then hear nothing for months? We work agilely so that you can test new features at short intervals.
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More Software for Your Money

Software development is expensive, and the costs are unclear? We provide transparency and calculable costs with 2 locations in Wuppertal and Surat.

Experience from Our Own Start-Ups and Products

Do you have ideas for a digital product? We not only fulfill your order but also bring in our experience from our own products, start-ups, and joint ventures.

No Rocket Science

Software and App Development

Frontend Programming

Backend Programming

UX/UI Design

Concept and Architecture

API Programming

In a non-binding meeting, we provide an initial assessment of the project.

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Max Festen

IT & HubSpot Consultant