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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is this SEO and where can I buy it?

Very clear answer: with us! But why should you invest in an SEO-optimized website? Because you want to direct more traffic to your site and thus generate more orders! Or don't you?

What is a SEO text anyway?

Imagine the following scenario: A user enters a term in Google because he has a problem and is looking for a solution. You offer the solution, but so does your competition! Your competition is in first, second or third place on Google. You are in tenth place. Where will the user click on it?

At this point the SEO-optimized text helps. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and means nothing else than search engine optimized. And what is Google? Correct - a search engine!

An SEO-optimized text aims to appear as high up as possible in the search results on Google. This makes it more likely to attract prospects and potential customers to your website via Google. In the best case they contact you and in the very best case they buy your product.

How does it work?

The principle of SEO-optimized texts is basically simple. The more a text is oriented towards Google's search criteria, the more likely Google is to reward with a good ranking. The authority of your site increases because more and more users find and click on your website in the top results of Google. This is a signal to Google: Your website is relevant!

The more visitors come to your website, the more leads you generate, the more orders you get. And all this through SEO-optimized texts!

Google evaluates the texts on your website according to several important criteria, which are essential four:

  • Keywords
  • Visiting time
  • Relevace
  • Diversity


The search terms that a user enters in Google should be taken into account in an SEO-optimized text. These so-called "keywords"  are crucial if you want to rank high on Google. 

Usually there is one main keyword and 5 to 6 secondary keywords that must appear in the text. A sensible placement is also important. Keywords are included in the headline and sub-headlines, as well as several times in the body text to achieve the highest possible keyword density.

It becomes effective with long-tail keywords, i.e. keywords that are precisely tailored to your niche or industry and consist of several words. More insights and tips for your SEO texts are available at a workshop

Visiting Time

The whole search engine optimization is of no use if users don't like to stay on your website and actually read the content there. Therefore it is important to write texts around the keywords in a pleasant, understandable and appealing way for the target group.

The longer a user stays, the better Google rates the content delivered there. The result: a better Google ranking.


The be-all and end-all: An SEO-optimized text creates added value for the reader. This means it offers a solution to a problem and, in the best case, with insights and innovations that the reader is not yet familiar with. This makes the content of the website relevant for the user.

The more users intensively deal with your website, the higher Google estimates the relevance of your website. This is positively reflected in the ranking of the search results. Besides main and secondary keywords, an SEO-optimized text therefore contains answers!

In addition, it should be prepared in a multimedia format, i.e. contain suitable images or a video, for example. An expert survey can also be of great value to the reader. 


Penalty threatens the one who copies texts. Therefore, every SEO-optimized text should be unique. So-called "duplicate content" - i.e. a text that already exists, has been copied and re-inserted - is rated negatively by Google. The ranking is correspondingly poor.

SEO-optimization therefore also means to formulate a text that avoids repetitions but contains new formulations and synonyms.

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Fun Fact: SEO bedeutet nicht, dass wir dein Produkt oder Unternehmen 99 mal nennen. SEO heißt, deine ideale Zielgruppe ins Herz zu treffen. Mit Wissen geizen ist dabei eine schlechte Strategie, Hilfe dagegen wird belohnt. Teile dein Know-how – und sie werden Vertrauen in dein Angebot stecken.

But now to the important things: More orders through SEO!

We help you to generate more leads with SEO-optimized texts and thus get more orders. How do we do that?

By examining your target group and your product in detail in an extensive strategy phase. We learn to understand the problems of your target group.

What does your target group google?
At what point does your product help the target group solve their problems?
What else is relevant for the target group? In short: How does the user "tick" who comes to your website?

We take over the keyword research and create a content plan on this basis.

What can we do for you afterwards?
Would you like SEO-optimized landing pages or monthly blog posts? No problem!
Do you want to write your own posts and we will optimize them according to Google criteria? Also no problem!

After one or two correction loops your SEO-optimized texts will go online and you will see: Google finds them really good and more and more users find your website!

Would you like to take the SEO journey with us? We are looking forward to a phone call or a contact by form.

Experience the traffic miracle

We look forward to immersing ourselves in your themes. And to generate the right leads for you with the right texts.