Organic Or Paid Content?

Social media marketing, the fascinating interplay between organic and paid posts, reveals a dynamic landscape full of opportunities and challenges. In the realm of organic, authenticity takes center stage, a reflection of a brand's true personality. Carefully crafted posts create a connection with the community, a bond based on trust and genuine interactions. But you need patience for this organic journey: a time-consuming process that requires perseverance, while the results are not always immediately visible. On the other side of the playing field, in paid, immediate results and precise targeting open up. With financial investment, ads are targeted to the right audience for quick, measurable results. But this advantage does not come without a cost, and the delicate balance between advertising and authenticity must be maintained.

The true art of social media marketing lies in the skillful integration of both strategies. The organic foundation lays the groundwork for long-term success and builds a strong foundation of trust. Paid campaigns provide a turbo boost for immediate attention and measurable ROI. In this harmony lies the magic: a balanced interplay of authenticity and strategic advertising to capture the attention of the digital world.

How We Can Help You

With us, it's not just about spreading your message, but also about getting it directly to the right people. From identifying your target audience, creative ideation and content creation to publishing and the targeted use of performance marketing - we are your partners on the path to a customized and effective presence.

Develop Ideas

Together, we develop creative ideas that are perfectly tailored to your target group and create a corresponding content plan.

Create Content

We take care of creating, editing and publishing content for your channels to ensure a consistent and professional appearance.


In a joint workshop, we develop target groups, approaches, marketing messages and channels, which we then implement together.

Performance Marketing

Paid ads on various channels that generate leads, applicants or customers in a predictable manner - this is the core of the performance marketing that we operate for you on various platforms.
facebook und instagram

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram are the best-performing channels for generating reach and leads. We manage the campaigns and constantly optimize them.
LinkedIn - Original

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are suitable for reaching the target group in a more professional context. Here too, various campaign formats can generate reach and leads.
google logo

Google Ads

Being present where the target group is actively searching - that's what we achieve with Google Ads. In order to always be displayed for the right search terms, we check your advertising account daily.

TikTok Ads

TikTok can be a promising channel for reaching a younger target group. Ads in video format that fit well into the platform can be a real growth hack.


SnapChat Ads

Snapchat offers various advertising opportunities and targeting options that can be particularly exciting for education providers who want to reach a very young target group.

What Our Customers Say

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We are very grateful to Pinetco that we have been able to develop so well and that we have always received very valuable tips and support!!! Even if we didn't achieve the desired sales, working with you was worth the money. We will definitely do it again and will be very happy to recommend you at any time.

Daniel van der Weck

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We greatly appreciate your diligent approach, which is based on facts, tests and analyses. Thank you very much for your commitment to us!

Reinhard Rückemann

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For our exclusive truck parking network, we approach customers via various channels - from personal sales to online marketing. The social media campaign with the support of Pinetco clearly exceeded our expectations and worked better than all other ways of addressing customers. The quality of the support was excellent and our wishes were implemented in the shortest possible time. For us as a customer, the procedure was always transparent and comprehensible - we were involved in the important decisions without having to invest too much time ourselves.

Tim Baumeister

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Pinetco really steps on the gas, meets all promised deadlines and delivers a comprehensive, honest and high-quality product. With what feels like 100 calls a year along the lines of "We work for Google and want to support you with your campaigns", this is unfortunately the exception. We are happy to have found this exception. The first successes are measurable and demonstrable. We are extremely satisfied. Thanks to Pascal, Felix, Sandra, Adriane and the rest of the team.

Lars Henckel

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Pinetco is not a conventional agency that takes on a service provider role: in a short space of time, Pinetco has become a real part of our team. And together with Pinetco, we achieve first-class results.

Marc A. Linstädter

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Pinetco has shown me that the Internet is not magic. If you believe in it and trust it, you will not only see that it works. I have started to completely rethink my business and am now aiming for more scalable business ideas!

Björn Steinbrink

Our Approach: Optimizing Your Funnel



Generate reach to the target group
Marketing Actions
Performance marketing on Google and social media


Bringing the target group to the website and converting them into leads
Marketing Actions
Optimize website and place lead ads on social media


Turning leads into customers
Marketing Actions
Using HubSpot for marketing and sales automation


Retain customers and receive recommendations
Marketing Actions

Develop interfaces and individual software, HubSpot Service Hub

Ready to take your social media presence to the next level?

Let's shape your brand's story together and get it in front of the right people!

Kaja Braun

Managing Director