Writing success stories is in our DNA

New worlds


Care Rockets

July 2019

Silvan, now an employee of Road Heroes and Care Rockets, was himself a nurse for 15 years. While setting up Road Heroes it was already clear that this successful concept could also help the care industry. Idea, implementation, now on the road to success.

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Pinetco Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

January 2016

Our Pinetco group of companies consists of not one, but two international teams. Our India team technically implements our customers' ideas with passion and precision, turning an initial vision into reality.

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big next step GmbH

February 2021

Their goal is to be a reliable partner for their employees in the long term and, in the best case, to accompany them into retirement. The satisfaction of your employees is the key to their success, which is why you attach great importance to their well-being and well-being at all times. 

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Why we open up new worlds

We strive to create change through our abilities. We strive for learning, improvement and growth. We seek, love and master challenges. We are architects and practitioners at the same time. We are missionaries. We want to achieve great things. We do this with our customers. And we do it with our own success stories.

How we open up new worlds

We get to the bottom of problems. We ask why. We identify where it stops. That's how we identify opportunities. We are missiles in our capabilities. We see ourselves as missiles in our ability to seize opportunities. This is how we begin and write success stories.

Through the lessons of our success stories we make our customers all the more successful.

Pascal Kremp & Patrick Schulz

Founders and managing directors of Pinetco

Kaja Braun


Inspiring product + inspiring marketing = success story

Does your company have the marketing fuel for a success story?