Writing success stories is in our DNA

New worlds


Road Heroes

November 2017

Inspired by a customer solution from our agency business, we identified an opportunity. Within a month we programmed the first platform where companies can apply for jobs with specialists. In the meantime, 12,000 drivers and 870 companies are registered with Road Heroes.

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January 2018

When the company is growing explosively and all employees need to have a daily overview of relevant figures, Excel spreadsheets reach their limits. What do we do if we can't find the right software? We program it ourselves. For over a year now, LiquiBuster has been helping us not only with everyday tasks, but also to look into the future and manage our company.

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Care Rockets

July 2019

Silvan, now an employee of Road Heroes and Care Rockets, was himself a nurse for 15 years. While setting up Road Heroes it was already clear that this successful concept could also help the care industry. Idea, implementation, now on the road to success.

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Warehouse Masters 

September 2019

In addition to Road Heroes and Care Rockets, Warehouse Masters, the platform for warehouse personnel, was launched in September. The decision was clear. An umbrella brand had to be found for the now three platforms.

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Twork India

August 2020

On Twork labour workers and recruiters are connected in a simple and fun-to-use social network. The mission of Twork is to improve the work-life of workers in India. Workers find jobs super simple, show and improve their skills and have fun with friends.

Labourers can create a free profile with their work experience and their skills. With their profile workers can 1-click-apply to jobs. Recruiters are also offering jobs directly to workers in chat messages.

Workers can connect with each other and confirm their skills, so that they improve their chances to find a job.

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Why we open up new worlds

We strive to create change through our abilities. We strive for learning, improvement and growth. We seek, love and master challenges. We are architects and practitioners at the same time. We are missionaries. We want to achieve great things. We do this with our customers. And we do it with our own success stories.

How we open up new worlds

We get to the bottom of problems. We ask why. We identify where it stops. That's how we identify opportunities. We are missiles in our capabilities. We see ourselves as missiles in our ability to seize opportunities. This is how we begin and write success stories.

Through the lessons of our success stories we make our customers all the more successful.

Pascal Kremp & Patrick Schulz

Founders and managing directors of Pinetco

Tobias Schmitz


Inspiring product + inspiring marketing = success story

Does your company have the marketing fuel for a success story?