Two years ago, we wondered...

Where will our company be tomorrow?


If an agency grows… 

… many new questions arise. From 2011 to 2017 Pascal has been straining himself and has managed to turn the 1-man-bag into a company with 30 employees. But Pascal did not put the profit into his own pocket, but always reinvested it. And made sure that all employees can think along entrepreneurial lines. 


Why the business management evaluation has not brought us any further

If employees are to think along entrepreneurial lines, they also need the necessary knowledge about the situation of the company. We received a business management evaluation from the tax consultant every month. The operating result was a profit - so far, so good. But so many questions remained unanswered for us.

What do sales and distribution cost us? How much do we spend on recruiting or training? What percentage of our turnover is recurring income?

We found out: The business management evaluationis a product of accounting, but for us it is not a helpful control instrument.


How's the next month going to go?

The bueiness management evaluation only ever provided us with a view into the past. However, in order to make business decisions, we need a look into the future, with valid figures.


If there is no useful software ...

… you'll build one of your own. This is how we programmed LiquiBuster in early 2018: A contract-based financial software that gives us a daily overview of our income and expenses, which allows us to easily create forecasts, explains the movements on our company account and also takes care of invoicing and dunning.

Our Advantages

We have been using our software since early 2018. That's what we love about it:


Knowing today what's on tomorrow 

Forecast account movements on a daily basis and plan liquidity with foresight


All income and expenditure at a glance

From overviews easy to understand to detailed analyses and reporting 


Employees think entrepreneurially

Financial transparency ensures proactivity and ownership 


See exactly where the company stands in the dashboard

Visible at first glance: Which revenues and expenditures were unplanned, which are still to come and what the next few months will look like financially.

By clicking on the respective bar, we can find out exactly how the figures come about. 

client list

Keeping profitability in mind

In order to be able to make entrepreneurial decisions, you need to know how much money you earn with which customer - and how profitable the individual projects actually are. 

bank account-1

Forecasting account movements

A company account is constantly moving. With the aid of Bank Account Forecasting, ups and downs can be predicted - for investment decisions or discussions with the bank.

For Companies on course of growth

Real-time Business Management Evaluation

To know 2 months later how the company is doing often does not help much. And does the reported profit on the business management evaluation even correspond to the actual profit?

All about features, prices and applications to go?

The backbone of the system

Categorize income and expenses

All income and expenses can be categorized individually so that we really understand what brings in or costs how much money.


Centrally manage contract data

All customer and supplier contracts are created in LiquiBuster. The transactions display planned payments and are linked to real account movements. Therefore, we can rely on the numbers and all our questions are answered.





These features provide daily updated figures 

  • preparatory accounting
  • recording the incoming invoices
  • reating, releasing and monitoring budgets
  • submitting investment ideas
  • billing
  • automated dunning process
  • creating and planning offers
  • forecasting sales revenues
  • project management
  • time recording


"We can plan much better as a team what still has to be done and recognize in time if we have to take action."
This investment pays off!


50 € per month explorer-sonde

  • Liquidity
  • Reports
  • Billing
  • Onboarding via Video-Call
  • up to 10 user
  • up to 500 transactions per year
  • Duration: 1 year
+ 10 € / User / Month
+ 10 € / 100 Transactions / Month


80 € per month satellit-traveler

  • Liquidity
  • Reports
  • Billing
  • Projects and Time Tracking
  • Onboarding via Video-Call
  • up to 10 user
  • up to 800 transactions per year
  • Duration: 1 year
+ 20 € / User / Month
+ 10 € / 100 Transactions/ Month


200 € pro Monat dummy-icon

  • Liquidity
  • Reports
  • Billing
  • Projects and Time Tracking
  • Health Check
  • Onboarding on the spot
  • user
  • up to 2000 transactions per year
  • Duration: 1 year
+ 10 € / 100 Transactions / Month
That's what you get... 

LiquiBuster in numbers


Invoices issued

Kaja Braun

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