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Employee motivation

You need a dash of employee motivation to get even more out of your people?

Sorry, you're in the wrong place.

For us, employee motivation is not a tool you use from time to time when the mood is bad - it's part of everyday life at Pinetco. Let us inspire you - from our side on the subject


and these three thoughts:

Trust & Transparency

The business results are not as expected? You ask yourself how to teach this to your employees without losing motivation? Maybe bonuses have to be cancelled for this year?

Questions that don't even arise if the appropriate transparency is in place. At Pinetco, every employee knows all the agency's figures. All expenses and all income are transparent and visible regardless of the employee's position.

This is a step that we did not know exactly what the consequences would be before. What happened next is simply phenomenal: employees know what impact their work has on the company. They can also see whether a month is currently going well and how this affects the forecast for the year. This has automatically changed our attitude towards turnover and priorities.

Everyone acts as if Pinetco were their own company.

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"What do you think?" A simple question with great effect. Imagine that you would answer every question with this question. What happens?

For us, this question has manifested thinking in solutions. Of course, employees can ask anything at any time. But they also know that if they simply describe the problem, this question will definitely be the answer. So we have gone over to not only describing the problem, but also to presenting direct solutions.

In most cases, the manager's answer is: "Go for it."
What kind of business would you like to work in? Where every decision is taken from you or where you can make your own decisions?

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You thought we were talking about the vision of the company now. Naaaa, just missed it. This is about the personal why of the employee. Right, the personal why. Because employees are (in most cases) people. People with fears, wishes, worries and dreams. So it makes little sense to promote only the employee and not the person.

Why do you get up every morning?
What is your personal dream?
How can Pinetco help you fulfill your dream?

Three questions that can bring many insights.

And one last question: how motivating is it when the company helps to make the employee's dreams come true?

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Barbara Buchholz


Motivated and motivating

Barbara knows why she gets up every morning and how she can help you and your team answer that for you.