The perfect strategy:


We are not your online joint, we think entrepreneurially with you

Fact: Unmotivated employees cost companies billions.

Fact: No company can grow with inefficient processes.

Fact: That can all be changed. With Pinetco.

Marketing is only successful if we work with a company that believes in the common goal. We are mercilessly honest here: If we recognize structures and players that stand in the way of this, then we say so.

More importantly, we offer solutions for you and your company. Maybe it is more important to support your team by motivating your employees. Or you are looking for new specialists and need help with recruiting. 

Anyway, consulting is always the first step in our cooperation with a customer. Over the years, we have gained exciting insights into corporate processes, company structures or how to deal with employees. 

We have learned: This is how the work of the future will go. This is how people want to be supported. This is how I want to develop myself. So why shouldn't you profit from our experience? Let's see how we can advance your business. You are welcome to challenge us. 


Let's talk… but consistently. With intensive discussions we find out together what exactly fits your business. Professional workshops are our basis for finding the ideal line for your business, e.g: 

  • greater reach
  • more publicity
  • a changed image
  • better address the target group
  • reach a new target group
  • see the website not only as a business card, but as a sales machine
  • building a platform

Target groups

Your target group - the unknown being? We'll change that. We develop individual target group profiles and buyer personas, according to which we can align marketing and sales activities. 

For this purpose, we have exciting tools at our disposal that allow us to look behind the scenes. Your competitors are mercilessly screened, your industry is put through its paces. The result: We provide you with the elaborated profiles of the ideal target group ready to buy. This way, online marketing works exactly where you want to position yourself.


Personalized Marketing

Data says more than 1000 words. We do not rely on assumptions or feelings when it comes to the results for our clients. Our analysis tools are the basis for our projects. The strategy for our clients is as individual as the data of each company. Personalized Marketing takes collaboration to a new level - and the results too.

Employer Branding

You have enough assignments? But you need highly qualified employees? Without strategic planning your search will fade into the vastness of space. We help you

  • with Candidate Experience (the positive kind!), 
  • in building the career site (one that actaully works!),
  • in terms of image enhancement (meaning employer attractiveness) and
  • by consulting for the social recruiting process (and explain the difference to  Active Sourcing)

Grow the way it is most efficient for your company - with employees you want and who want you.


Tim Becker

No Bullshit

That's our motto. We don't want to speak your mind - we want your business to succeed. Talk to us and you'll be smarter afterward. Promise.