Content is King


Why should I have a Blog on my Website?

But doesn't it feel like everyone is blogging? How does the target group become aware of YOU and YOUR PRODUCT?

Through two important necessities: First, you bring high-quality content online and secondly, you bring it regularly.

Blog posts must help the user who comes to your site. They want to find exactly the answer to their question. Without blah-blah. Without a long search.

By providing valuable content on a regular basis - i.e. content marketing - you can describe a product in need of special explanation. You present your expertise on specific topics, which creates trust in the reader. You also reach the target group that wants to be particularly well informed. 

And here we already are on the subject:


What does blogging achieve with the target group?

A blog post can pick up the target group specifically where they are on their Buyer's Journey. That means:

Step 1: The User is in the Awareness Stage

“Nobody cares about your products (Except You)” - David Meerman Scott

In the beginning, there was the symptom. And the symptom was... well, kind of nonspecific. The classic user roams the web universe quite haphazardly at first: there is a problem that the user cannot yet name properly. 

He enters symptoms or clues or search terms into Google to find out what exactly his problem is. How can he understand it correctly? With his research the user tries to give the whole thing a name.

At this point, a targeted blog post can already pick up the user at his "stomachache" and explain to him what the problem is. The solution - your product - can be sensibly integrated.


Step 2: The User is in the Consideration Stage

The user now already knows what his problem is. He has clearly defined it and is looking for a suitable solution. In doing so, he wants to understand the entirety of the problem and learn all the methods that can contribute to the solution. He wants to compare and weigh up. But he does not actually want to buy yet.

At this point, a blog post can have a positive influence on the reader if he works with facts and figures. Here it is important to present the user with the range of possibilities for solving his challenge. And very cleverly your product is also integrated. The be-all and end-all here is to address the target group in a way that does not miss the audience.

The reader gets an added value from the blog post published on your site, because he can choose a suitable method for himself and in the best case comes much closer to solving the problem. If possible with your product or service.


Step 3: The User is in the Decision Stage

The user knows exactly his problem and many methods to solve it. He knows that exactly one strategy or one product would help him. Therefore, he searches the infinite vastness of the web for exactly this problem solution and is absolutely willing to buy a related product.

At this point, a blog post does not have to deal with the challenge of the reader in such a comprehensive way. There he learns nothing new. But what can I do to captivate the user? What makes him buy from you?

Simple: A text at this point of the Buyer's Journey must be written in such a way that the searcher understands WHY exactly THE answer - your product - is the BEST for him. A second one is simply out of the question.

You convince with precise information. The blog post conveys expert knowledge, which leads to trust in your business. It is then only a small step to your product/service as a solution.

Blogging and SEO: How does it work?

Describing the product in galactic words - you've only completed half the journey into the fantastic world of blogging. A good blog post not only picks up the user on his Buyer's Journey, but is also search engine optimized. It is also known as SEO or "search engine optimization".

This means that exactly those keywords are included in the text that the user has also entered in Google. In the best case, the blog post will appear among the first three results in the Google ranking - or at least on page one - so that it is highly likely that many more users will click on it.

Keywords are extremely important, but not everything to convince in SEO. At Pinetco, we also know which technical components need to be operated to ensure that your valuable content doesn't disappear into space unread.

Among other things, it makes sense to publish blog posts at regular intervals. The more quality content you provide, the more likely you are to increase the authority of your website. And the sooner Google considers your domain to be user-relevant. Logical step: You will be displayed further and further up in Google, which can ultimately lead to more leads and more orders!

More Traffic, more Leads – we help you with that!

So by producing content in the form of blog posts, we can ensure that you get more contacts from which orders can be generated. You are free to choose whether we do the blogging for you or you write it yourself and we do our bit for SEO optimization.

To find the right topics, we conduct extensive keyword research in close cooperation with our customers and develop a detailed content plan. Of course, your wishes and goals will also be taken into account.

Are you ready to grow as an entrepreneur?

The longer you wait, the more valuable time is lost in which your contribution could already be working for you. Because once a high-quality blog post is written and published, its relevance to Google increases without you having to intervene at short notice. You reach more readers, more customers, more potential employees. Your site or brand will become better known, you will rise in Google rankings and finally reach the top. 

We accompany you on this galactic mission!


Barbara Buchholz

Climb the Google throne with SEO!

Content is King? Definitely! And here you get to meet our content queen Barbara. To kneel down successful blogging is her business. SEO-proven of course. And your business will profit from that, too.