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I am dissatisfied with my website, what can I do?

First of all you should ask yourself the question what exactly you are dissatisfied with. Are you embarrassed to show the website? Does your site load too long? Doesn't it convey your company's message? We often hear these and many other points.

Sort out your dissatisfaction

We recommend to let the complete frustration about the website out. Make a list and write down everything that bothers you. Every little thing. Afterwards you will feel better.

The second step is to prioritize your points. Which disruptive factors have a negative impact on your business? Write these points at the top of the list. Which aspects bother you every day? You should also prioritize these points, because a website should be fun and not cause frustration.

Are you ready? Then let's see what we can do.


Little by little

Grab number one on your list and go after him. Even if it gets tough and this point is a real opponent. Go up against him. We don't know which item is at the top of your list. But we'll give you an example from another client. Before we worked together, this client was at the top of his list:

1. I can't create landing pages for Google Adwords (now Google Ads) with my website.

Our client wanted to place ads on Google. He checked it out and found out that he can't simply direct potential customers to his homepage, but needs separate landing pages. Unfortunately this was not possible with the current website.


The solution:

Together with the client, we worked out which elements are useful for him on a landing page. He could contribute great pictures from his database and together we created a professional landing page for his product. 


Keep thinking:

Hire a marketing agency for a single landing page?
We understand if you have concerns. We would have. And a guilty conscience to boot. Of course our client didn't just get a landing page. We provided him with a template that allows him to create any number of landing pages for all his products. 

And the best thing about it: Due to the modular structure, no landing page looks like the other, but all of them fit the design of the company. Currently, our customer always creates 2 landing pages per product and tests which one works better. But that is another story.

Don't buy a new website

A new website does not necessarily solve your problems. We understand if you just can't see the old thing anymore. But remember your list. Don't buy a new website, solve the problems on your list. If we can help with this, we'd be happy to give you a call or contact you by form.


Kaja Braun

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