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First of all, you should ask yourself what exactly you are unhappy about. Are you embarrassed to show the website? Does your site take too long to load? Does it not convey your company's message? We often hear these and many other points.


We recommend simply venting all your frustrations about your website. Make a list and write down everything that bothers you. Every little thing. You'll feel better after that. The second step is to prioritize your points. Which disruptive factors have a negative impact on your company? Write these points at the top of the list. Which aspects bother you every day? You should also prioritize these points, because a website should be fun and not cause frustration.

Are you ready? Then let's see what we can do.

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During the website relaunch with HubSpot, the team was always in a good mood and delivered. We definitely chose the right relaunch with HubSpot the team was always in a good mood and delivered.

Johannes Schneider,

Lead Product Marketing Manager

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Step By Step

Grab item 1 on your list and tackle it. Even if it's tough and this item is a real opponent. Go up against him. We don't know which item is at the top of your list. But we'll give you an example from another client. Before we started working together, his list was at the top:

Identify the Main Problem

Our client had a clear desire to strengthen its presence on Google through targeted advertising. During his research, he came to the realization that it was not enough to simply direct potential customers to his general homepage. In order to achieve an effective conversion rate and optimally target users, separate landing pages were essential. This would allow him to provide customized messages and information tailored to the needs and interests of each target group.

However, it turned out that this requirement was not easily achievable with the current website. While the existing website was informative and engaging, it was not designed to create customized landing pages for different campaigns. This presented a challenge that needed to be solved in order to efficiently and successfully implement the planned Google advertising campaign.


The Solution

Not only did we define the goals and requirements for this landing page in detail, but we also worked closely with our client to ensure it was a perfect fit for their product and target audience. We worked closely with them to determine which elements on the page would be useful to best appeal to potential customers.

Our client provided us with great resources from their extensive database. This treasure trove of images and content allowed us to create a landing page that not only looks professional, but also reflects the real value of their product. The images he provided give the page a visual expressiveness that immediately catches the eye and piques the interest of visitors.

Thinking Ahead

Hire a marketing agency for a single landing page? We understand if you have concerns. We would have too. And a guilty guilty conscience too. Of course, our client didn't just get a landing page. We provided him with a template that allows him to create as many landing pages as he wants for all his products. 
And the best thing about it: thanks to the modular structure, no two landing pages look the same, but they all match the company's design. Currently, our customer always creates 2 landing pages per product and tests which of the two works better. But that's another story.

From getting to know you to the launch: we cover everything. We use data and experts to help your business grow.

This Is How We Work:

  1. We understand your business model
  2. We define KPIs and OKR
  3. We find the gaps in the entire sales funnel and close them
  4. We work in a customer-oriented way
  5. We compare facts and figures
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