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We strive to create change through our abilities. We pursue learning, improvement, and growth. We seek, embrace, and master challenges. We are architects and practitioners simultaneously. We are missionaries. We aim to make a significant impact. We do that with our clients. And we do that with our own success stories. We delve into problems. We ask why. We identify where it's stuck. That's how we identify opportunities. We are rockets in our abilities. We excel in seizing opportunities with our skills. That's how we initiate and write success stories.

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Care Rockets GmbH

Silvan, now the managing director of Care Rockets, was a caregiver himself for 15 years. It became evident during the establishment of Road Heroes that this successful concept could also benefit the healthcare industry. Idea, implementation, now on the path to success.


big next step GmbH

Their goal is to be a reliable partner for their employees in the long term and ideally accompany them until retirement. The satisfaction of their employees is the decisive key to their success, which is why they place the utmost importance on ensuring that they are doing well and always feel comfortable.
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Pinetco Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our Pinetco corporate group consists not only of one but two international teams. Our team in India passionately and precisely translates the ideas of our clients into technical reality, turning an initial vision into reality.

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