Facebook and Instagram Ads

Efficient and customized advertising strategies to target and reach your audience effectively.

We bring your campaigns into the metaverse.

Facebook and Instagram Ads give you the opportunity to increase your brand awareness in a targeted way – with the intention of maximizing your sales figures in the long term. Crucial for the success of the campaigns is, above all, a wealth of practical experience. As an agency, we know which advertising formats yield the best results for companies.


By the way: The most significant advantage of Facebook and Instagram over other advertising platforms is the precise targeting of the audience. Address users with specific interests at a certain age on devices of your choice.


We make sparks fly with Meta.

Do you want to make your company stand out in the world of social media? Or is your growth stagnating, and you need new ideas to generate revenue? That's exactly where we come in! Pinetco shows you the way to profitable and sustainable Meta Ads. Together, we create – if not already available – a company page with the corresponding Business Manager and Ad Manager.

Together, we launch customer-oriented campaigns that we continuously optimize according to your specifications. We are also happy to assist with the integration of the Facebook pixel.


We can help you with the following topics

  • How do I know if Meta is the right channel for me?
  • How do I precisely reach my target audience there?
  • How do I allocate my advertising budget sensibly?
  • How do I increase the number of incoming orders/leads?
  • In what way can I recognize and efficiently use trends?
  • Which ad is the most profitable for me?
  • Am I already utilizing all the possibilities?

"Recruiting through social media? Let's go."

Indra Füsgen – PPC Managerin bei Pinetco

Motivated caregivers for Big Next Step

Our goal was to quickly build up a pool of applicants for Big Next Step. To achieve this, we launched paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and, after the initial success, decided to run additional campaigns on Instagram and TikTok. The placement of image ads in the Facebook feed, as well as the placement of short video ads in Instagram Stories and Reels, continues to achieve the best performance to date. This applies to both the quality and the cost of leads.


Just by adding short videos in Instagram Stories and Reels, we were able to double the monthly number of leads and reduce the cost per lead by 20%.


A free analysis

You've run campaigns in the past? Great! We analyze your channel and show you optimization approaches and growth potentials. Are you new to online marketing? No problem! We assist you in setting up your advertising channels and design new performance campaigns tailored to your business. In a short virtual meeting, we can identify your potentials together. Of course, completely non-binding!



  1. Capture the current status of your advertising channel.
  2. Identify improvement potentials and ideas.
  3. Provide a recommendation for your future campaigns and document it as a PDF.

Advertising channel recommendation

  1. Capture the current status of your company.
  2. Identify initial suitable advertising channels.
  3. Provide a recommendation for your future marketing strategy and document it as a PDF.


Why Pinetco? 

We are the right agency for Meta Ads if you are looking for a partner who...


  • understands his trade,
  • employs specialists with years of experience,
  • thinks both B2C and B2B-oriented,
  • uses current best practice solutions,
  • puts your business success first,
  • develops cross-channel strategies with you, and
  • keeps your most important KPIs in view daily.

We advise you individually, and therefore, a potential offer is also personally tailored to your company.

To give you an initial overview of our services, we have predefined some packages. These serve solely as a guide.

Our Meta Ads services




What our customers say

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We appreciate your meticulous work based on facts, tests, and analyses. Thank you for your dedicated commitment to us!

Reinhard Rückemann

Frame 480
For our exclusive truck parking network, we reach customers through various channels - from personal sales to online marketing. The social media campaign with the support of Pinetco has significantly exceeded our expectations and worked better than all other ways of customer engagement. The support was of high quality, and our requests were implemented in the shortest possible time. As a customer, the process was always transparent and understandable - we were involved in important decisions without having to invest too much time ourselves.

Tim Baumeister

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We are very grateful to Pinetco for helping us develop so well, providing valuable tips and support! Even if we didn't achieve the desired sales, the collaboration with you was worth the money. We will definitely repeat it and gladly recommend you at any time.

Daniel van der Weck

Frame 480
Pinetco really goes the extra mile, keeps all promised deadlines, and delivers a comprehensive, honest, and high-quality product. With the seemingly 100 calls a year along the lines of "We work for Google and want to support you with your campaigns," unfortunately, this is the exception. We are glad to have found this exception. The first successes are measurable and demonstrable. We are extremely satisfied. Thanks to Pascal, Felix, Sandra, Adriane, and the rest of the team.

Lars Henckel

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Pinetco is not a conventional agency that takes on a service provider role: in a short time, Pinetco has become a real part of our team. And together with Pinetco, we achieve top-notch results.

Marc A. Linstädter

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Pinetco has shown me that the internet is not magic. If you believe in it and trust, you will not only see that it works. I have started to completely rethink my business and am now aiming for more scalable business ideas!

Björn Steinbrink

Make your Meta ads fly!

In an initial non-binding meeting, we can provide you with an initial assessment of the potentials.

Laura Pilz

PPC Managerin