Overview of the Hubspot Sales Hub

Optimize your sales process, increase your sales figures and strengthen customer loyalty with Hubspot Sales Hub.


Your tool for high-performance sales

HubSpot Sales Hub is more than just software - it's the key to revolutionizing your sales process. No more of the traditional "more is more" approach. It's all about efficiency, intelligence and, above all, building strong customer relationships. With Sales Hub, you have all the tools in one place. Optimize your sales activities, from initial contact to successful closure. Forget tedious data entry and focus on what really matters - personal contact with your customers.

The highlight? Sales Hub is your data-supported coach. It not only provides insights into the performance of your sales team, but also gives you the tools to increase growth with foresight. No more guesswork, but a clear strategy based on facts. Are you ready for sales that not only increases turnover, but also raises customer satisfaction and loyalty to a new level? Dive into the future of sales with HubSpot Sales Hub!

Optimize your sales process with these key features

In the Sales Hub, you will find a wealth of powerful functions that are specifically designed to make your sales efficient and optimize your processes. 

E-Mail Templates

Create personalized and customizable email templates that your entire team can use to ensure consistent yet personal communication.

Deal Pipelines

Create clear steps and tasks, from lead generation to contract closure, while keeping track of the status of each deal. 

Sales Documents

Document and analyze your sales process effectively by uploading relevant documents to HubSpot. Track progress and gain detailed insights to optimize your sales process.


Track the entire sales funnel, analyze the conversion rate and identify key areas for optimization. The analytics tool makes it possible to quantify sales activities and accurately measure the success of your sales strategies.


Call tracking

Maximize the efficiency of your call logging with the HubSpot CRM system. Not only can you record calls, but you can also create detailed and automated logs.


The HubSpot forecasting tool gives you a clear insight into the future of your sales. Based on your data, it helps you to create precise sales forecasts and better prepare the team for upcoming challenges.

Get the best out of
your sales team.

Kostenlos, Starter, Professional and Enterprise

The Hubspot Service Hub Pricing at a glance


Free: 0€ per month

Starter: from 41€ per month

Professional: from 441€ per month

Enterprise: ab 1.180€ pro Monat

Our HubSpot Support For Your Success

When dealing with HubSpot, many questions are sure to arise. As an experienced HubSpot agency, we are happy to be at your side. Let's work together to find the perfect solution for your company and revolutionize your processes. 


Strategic consulting

Our team of experts takes the time to understand and analyze your individual business processes in detail. Together, we develop a customized strategy that is perfectly tailored to your company's requirements. We select the right HubSpot products and features to increase your efficiency and optimize your business processes.

Our goal is to shape your roadmap to success. From seamless implementation to ongoing optimization, we'll guide you step by step. With our strategic advice, you maximize your potential and achieve impressive results for your company. Together we will shape the future of your company - start now!

Discover your potential now with Hubspot Sales Hub

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Elena Roif

HubSpot Consultant