Overview of the Hubspot Content Hub

Personalize your website, increase performance and strengthen your customer loyalty with Hubspot Content Hub.


Your Tool for Successful Content Management

The HubSpot Content Hub puts you in control of your web management. Design content intuitively, personalize your online experience and optimize the entire user journey. From homepage to conversion, the Content Hub offers you powerful features for efficient website design and seamless integration with other HubSpot tools. Dive in and create a website that not only impresses, but also delivers results.

Increase your customers' satisfaction with these key functions

In the Content Hub you will find a range of powerful functions that are specifically designed to satisfy your customers and optimize your marketing activities.

Website Templates

Use free website templates and templates from the Marketplace to save you time and effort. Create a consistent experience for your website visitors - from your logo to the colors to the menu.

Dynamic Content

Create an SEO and user-friendly website that can be customized and published by your entire team in minutes.


Create and update pages in no time at all with the Hubspot drag-and-drop editor. Use this tool to add or edit content - without any technical know-how.

Serverless functions

Integrate interactive elements such as registration forms or online calculators into your content without external servers or SSL certificate configurations.

Reporting on website performance

Receive detailed reports on the performance of your website and find out which measures are working for you and which are not in the long term.

Personalize together with us
your website.

Kostenlos, Starter, Professional and Enterprise

The Hubspot Content Hub Pricing at a glance


Free: 0€ per month

Starter: from 23€ per month

Professional: from 360€ per month

Enterprise: from 1,180 € per month

Our HubSpot support for your success

When dealing with HubSpot, many questions are sure to arise. As an experienced HubSpot agency, we are happy to be at your side. Let's work together to find the perfect solution for your company and revolutionize your processes. 


Strategic Consulting

Our team of experts takes the time to understand and analyze your individual business processes in detail. Together, we develop a customized strategy that is perfectly tailored to your company's requirements. We select the right HubSpot products and features to increase your efficiency and optimize your business processes.

Our goal is to shape your roadmap to success. From seamless implementation to ongoing optimization, we'll guide you step by step. With our strategic advice, you maximize your potential and achieve impressive results for your company. Together we will shape the future of your company - start now!

Unleash your potential now with HubSpot Content Hub

Our team of experts is on hand to help you choose the right package. Contact us and experience the benefits of process automation first-hand. Let HubSpot work for you and grow your business!

Elena Roif

HubSpot Consultant