Platforms & Portals

We accompany you into your digital future - with customized software that can be seamlessly integrated with HubSpot CRM, for example.


User-Friendly Software

Do you want to offer your target group a service that goes beyond your website? We conceive, design and develop your platform on which you can bring together users, products, content and much more. For optimal content and user management, every platform includes a powerful admin interface. Manage content, roles, rights and users and evaluate key figures on a dashboard. You bring the idea, we bring the expertise. 

Our Tech Stack

The selection of a suitable tech stack is a crucial step in the planning and development of software projects. The tech stack refers to the combination of programming languages, frameworks, databases and other technologies that are used to create an application.
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Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that is used for the development of web applications and provides a wide range of functions and tools to simplify development.


LiveWire is a PHP framework that facilitates the development of interactive web applications by enabling real-time functionality and dynamic user interfaces without the use of JavaScript.


MySQL is a widely used open source relational database management system that is used for storing, managing and querying data in many web applications and software projects.

Customized software solutions that bring your
digital project to life!

Step-By-Step Towards Success


Define Requirements

In 1 or 2 workshop days, we define your requirements for the product together. We prioritize these requirements together to ensure smooth programming


We create a prototype based on the design specifications and the user flow. This gives an impression of the future software and can be used for initial idea validation

Programming the Core Functions

We know your requirements and the prototype was convincing. Now we are working in sprints on the MVP version of your digital product


The MVP version already contains the most important core functions. You can test these on the market and generate derivations for functional improvements.

Further Development

We are adding further functions to the already functioning software to make the user experience even better

Support and Bug Fixing

Even after the project has been completed, we won't leave you alone. We are there for you in case of support requests or bugs

Let's talk about software development

Get in touch with us and let's realize your digital product idea together!
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Max Festen

IT & HubSpot Consultant