Case Study with KRAVAG

B2B Lead Scaling with KRAVAG Truck Parking


Truck Parking Sharing: Together, we can make it happen.

The shortage of parking spaces for trucks is a significant problem in Germany, causing frustration in the logistics industry. That's why KRAVAG Insurance has come up with a solution through its Truck Parking Sharing initiative: Together, we can address the issue of insufficient parking spaces! This aligns with KRAVAG's commitment to the cooperative principle: 'What one alone cannot achieve, many can accomplish together.'


How does it work?

KRAVAG Truck Parking allows logistics companies to offer available parking spaces on their premises, which can then be booked by drivers and dispatchers. Bookings are made through a user-friendly app or web application, ensuring simplicity and security. The best part is the associated start-up service: KRAVAG Truck Parking provides its partners with all the necessary components. This means that everything, from the smartphone app for drivers to the web application for dispatchers and access technology for the premises, is already available and can be utilized thanks to KRAVAG Truck Parking.


Initial situation

To attract partners from the logistics sector for KRAVAG Truck Parking, the goal is to identify cooperative contacts, especially from the B2B sector, who are willing to address the parking problem for truck drivers and logistics companies.

Pinetco's services include:

  • Setting up performance lead campaigns
  • Researching and continuously evolving relevant target audiences
  • Optimizing ongoing ads, A/B testing of advertisements
  • Developing concepts for retargeting (Custom Audiences)
  • Developing concepts for Look-a-Like Audiences
  • Creating performance-oriented lead ad forms
testimonial Anfuehungszeichen
The social media campaign with the support of Pinetco has significantly exceeded our expectations and was the perfect complement to our traditional customer approach through sales representatives.

Tim Baumeister

KRAVAG Truck Parking Project Lead

KRAVAG Truck Parking: Review and Results

Facebook vs. LinkedIn

We aimed to reach interested B2B contacts within the shortest possible time, a goal achievable only through paid advertising measures. We decided to explore both Facebook and LinkedIn as potential performance channels. Over time, Facebook clearly outperformed LinkedIn, both in terms of cost per lead and lead quality.

Success with Lead Ads
For our client, we utilized a format known as Lead Ads. The advantage was clear: Facebook users prefer not to leave the platform, and with this format, they were not compelled to do so. Clicking on the ad didn't open a separate landing page but rather a Lead Ad form within Facebook. This form was pre-filled with existing user data, eliminating the need to re-enter information such as name, email address, and phone number.

Outstanding Results
Through regular communication with the client regarding lead quality and continuous quality control of the ads, we were able to generate contacts at increasingly lower costs. The lead price was reduced by more than 90% over time. Simultaneously, we managed to disproportionately increase the number of leads per week. Even with significant budget increases, the cost per lead only minimally increased. The client continues to receive high-quality contact data at the lowest possible price.

Contact Person

Complina GmbH
KRAVAG Truck Parking
Project Lead Tim Baumeister


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