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Case Study HMKW


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The HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Business was founded in 2008 and is a private, state-recognized university with over 1,600 students at campuses in Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. The university specializes in the fields of:


  • Design
  • Journalism & Communication
  • Psychology
  • Business & Economics
  • Humanities


With the help of practice-oriented modules and interdisciplinary projects, a dynamic course of study is created which enables students to work with real cooperation partners from the private sector and establish valuable contacts with companies.

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We were very happy to explore new possibilities with Pinetco once again: As usual, the collaboration was characterized by technical expertise, goal-oriented action and professional, friendly cooperation. Many thanks for a successful first TikTok campaign!

Lisa Rasche

Marketing management


The initial situation

In order to appeal to new generations of students, HMKW wants to reach them exactly where they already are: TikTok. In an initial month of testing, the aim was to find out whether this channel could demonstrably reach potential prospective students.

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Our services

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    Setup of a performance lead campaign
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    Research and continuous development of relevant target groups
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    Optimization of current ads, A/B testing of ads
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    Creation of performance-oriented lead ad forms
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    Weekly analysis, bi-weekly reporting dates
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    Support for contact synchronization to HubSpot via Zapier


Review and results

For HMKW, digital communication is not only part of its student offerings - it is also taking new and contemporary directions in its own communication channels. That's why it not only maintains the usual social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but also ventures onto younger platforms such as TikTok. Because that's exactly where her target group is: young people who are wondering what they want to do after leaving school. So we decided to conduct a 30-day test together to find out

whether TikTok can also be a channel for performance-oriented student recruitment.
How they can identify their target group on the channel.
Which approaches in the form of ads work well.

In this test, we not only learned a lot together, but also generated direct results: A total of 86 young people indicated their interest via a lead ad form and left their contact details for further information. We synchronized the contacts into HMKW's HubSpot CRM using the Zapier integration. This allowed the new contacts to be passed on directly to the student advisory service and the new contacts to be further nurtured.

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Patrick Andermahr

Head of PPC