Case Study about Geschenkzeitung

Successfully maximizing profits with Google Ads


The next chapter of the success story

The Mission

After many years of managing the Google Ads account, Geschenkzeitung sought a continuation of the success story in early 2018. The initial conversations with Pinetco were initiated due to local proximity and Pinetco events. This led to a long-term collaboration with the goal of growing together and consistently selling more Geschenkzeitungen.


A 'Geschenkzeitung' is a specific newspaper or magazine from a particular date, given as a gift on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Having a real newspaper from the actual day makes it easy to remember that beautiful event. Geschenkzeitung has its own extensive collection of newspapers and magazines for this purpose.


Given the general competition in the gift market, it was crucial for Geschenkzeitung to have a confident and experienced partner by their side.


At the beginning of our collaboration, we asked ourselves:

How much can the number of orders still increase? Can we possibly reduce the costs as well?

Pinetco's services

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    Historical analysis of the existing account
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    New specific account and campaign setup
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    Developing concepts for various search campaigns
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    Developing concepts for shopping campaigns
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    Incorporation of current best practices
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    Optimization of ongoing ads, A/B testing of ads
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    Continuous development of the account
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    esting new campaign formats
testimonial Anfuehungszeichen
We are very well taken care of at Pinetco and particularly appreciate the very personal and trustful collaboration. The staff is highly competent, analyzing, structuring, and managing our AdWords account, providing regular strategy discussions and weekly reports. With new ideas and continuous optimization, they contribute significantly to the success of our company.

Reinhard Rückemann


The successes

The success story of Geschenkzeitung was not just continued, but it evolved continuously, allowing us to answer the initial questions with a clear yes. We were able to increase the number of orders and also reduce costs.

We reduced the CPO by almost 25%!

The number of orders increased by 135%

An essential step to achieve this success was a specific account and campaign setup. The existing Google Ads account was almost completely rebuilt. The advantage of the changed structure lies in a better quality score and more precise targeting.


For a long time, using Google Shopping Ads for such individual products seemed impossible because almost every Geschenkzeitung is unique. Creating a product for every date in the last century was not an option.


The key to success lay in representative products that had a specific connection to the search intention. Especially round birthdays and anniversaries were perfect for this. This opened up new possibilities that ultimately contributed to the reduction of the CPO.


Another lever was the continuous analysis leading to continuous optimization. Over time, it became clearer how the algorithm works for these products and this account. This increased the synergy between the Google Ads algorithm and Google Ads experts. As a result, both CPO optimization with the algorithm improved, and the optimization of the target ROAS of Google Shopping Ads.


In total, these measures, along with numerous tests and minor optimizations, led to the desired profit maximization.

Geschenkzeitung: Review and Results

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

of Account History Beneficial for us was that in the Google Ads account of Geschenkzeitung, there was a clearly defined target CPO (Cost per Order) over a long period. We could continue to use the long-standing data foundation to test initial algorithms. However, the good groundwork made it more challenging for us to lower the CPO. Nevertheless, a decreasing CPO helps increase the profit per sold Geschenkzeitung.


Steps to Success

Based on our historical analyses, a completely new account structure, and a reinterpretation of Google Shopping, significant performance leaps were possible. The success lay in not neglecting any element from the past during the account reconstruction, sensibly adopting negative keywords, and establishing a clear and sustainable structure.

Outstanding Results

The success story of Geschenkzeitung was not just continued but continually evolved. We were able to increase the number of orders by 135% and reduce costs by almost 25%. Furthermore, with the changed structure, we achieved a better Quality Score and more targeted ad delivery. Overall, our measures, along with numerous tests and additional small optimizations, led to the desired profit maximization.


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