Case Study with CONTORA Office Solutions

Premium offices in the best location

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The initial situation

CONTORA Office Solutions is a provider of virtual and physical offices at the most prestigious addresses in Germany. In beautiful, high-quality premises, they offer their customers flexible office solutions - including a virtual office. The customer rents office and meeting rooms flexibly as required and enhances her image with an impressive address.


The usual sales channels for this product are traditional:


  • Brokers who refer other companies to CONTORA Office Solutions
  • word-of-mouth advertising
  • conventional distribution
  • a colorful portfolio of

    online marketing measures


Regardless of how a potential customer becomes aware of CONTORA Office Solutions: In the end, a salesperson always has to make contact and put the proverbial lid on it.

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With the great creative and design ideas combined with the profound technical expertise of the people at Pinetco, we were able to successfully implement this very complex and extensive project and go online with the configurator. The result is fantastic and we are overjoyed in every respect.

Helmut Arend

Founder, shareholder and managing director

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Our goal

Nowadays it is possible to plan a kitchen online, configure a dream car or assemble a PC with all the individual parts and buy it directly. So why not a virtual office?


Helmut Arend, CEO of CONTORA AG, asked himself this question. The answer: because no one has ever made it possible before. But that has now changed.


The advantages quickly became apparent. Potential customers not only have more flexibility and freedom of design. An online configurator for virtual offices could digitally map the entire sales process. Complete automation would mean that the effort for sales would be close to zero - and the potential for scaling would increase massively.

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The solution

The configurator that we designed and programmed was initially a test balloon. Although CONTORA Office Solutions offers a very wide range of products, the first draft of the configurator only included a fixed package for one virtual office per location and no further customization options. (We're experimenting here, you remember).


We built on this over several months - always in close coordination with CONTORA Office Solutions. In the beginning, the contracts were created by the sales team itself and contacts via the configurator were initially "just" leads. Only when we had developed a legally compliant digital solution did we also automate this process step in order to reduce the workload on employees. And leads became automatically generated customers.


Review and insights

At the beginning of the development of the configurator, there was a lack of trust on the part of the users, which was determined by the analysis of user behavior, which we carried out with the help of the Hotjar heatmap.

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Our findings

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    clearer placement of our brand
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    inclusion of testimonials
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    removal of many payment methods
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    improved visibility of our contact data
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    integration of a live chat


The results

CONTORA Office Solutions has taken on a pioneering role in the industry with our flexible configurator. We are the only provider to offer our customers this unique flexibility, which leads to a positive external impact and a strengthening of our sales contacts. Through organic marketing measures, the configurator now generates customers cost-effectively without the involvement of a salesperson. We also offer the application in English.


What could such a project look like at your company?

Tell us about your dream - we'll make it a digital reality.


Kaja Braun

managing director