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Conquer the manufacturing SME sector with Paid Ads!


How do I market a B2B solution that requires explanation?

Manufacturing SMEs are a highly competitive target group in Germany. Reaching them is therefore not always easy, especially when it comes to a solution that was previously considered impossible. Let's put ourselves in the target group's shoes: in the end, production companies have to do one thing above all: palletize. A dull, grueling job that promotes neither motivation nor health. This is where coboworx raises its arm and says: there's a smarter way! In simple terms, the automated palletizing solution consists of software-controlled hardware in the form of a robotic arm that relieves warehouse employees of the burden of carrying pallets.


The mission

Generating qualified contacts in order to hand them over to sales and learning as much as possible as early as possible along the way. For us, this meant one thing above all: performance marketing in the sense of social ads. Because where performance is required, you also need appropriate marketing.


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No bullshit - big impact. With Pinetco, we have found the perfect digital marketing partner with whom we are successfully scaling our robotics platform.

Jan Quast

VP Growth



We find the right targeting options

How do you reach a market that doesn't yet know you, your solution or their problem? Right, with the targeting possibilities of social ads and targeted keyword research for Google Ads. Thanks to Facebook, Linkedin & Google campaigns, a balanced marketing mix is used to optimize budget allocation in order to generate scalable, cost-efficient leads.

Facebook Conversion & Lead Campaigns, as Facebook is still a very high-revenue channel, especially in the B2B sector.
LinkedIn Conversion & Lead Campaigns, in order to be able to use the profession-specific targeting of the network in particular.
Google Search & Performance Max campaigns in order to target those who are already a little deeper in the process.


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Our services

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    Historical analysis of existing advertising accounts
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    New specific account and campaign structure per channel
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    Develop concepts for lead campaigns including whitepapers
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    Developing concepts for conversion campaigns
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    Target group research
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    Keyword research
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    Review and expansion of conversion tracking
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    Consideration of current best practices
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    Optimization of current ads (A/B testing of ads)
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    Continuous and strategic further development of accounts
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    Regular reports and discussions on campaign performance, lead quality and advice on tracking challenges


Deriving the right decisions from the right reports

Reports are indispensable in both marketing and sales. However, marketing and sales reports are usually created independently of each other in order to better address the area-specific key figures. CCs and call rates are to sales what clicks and click rates are to marketing. As useful as this is for each area, a lot of information is lost if you look at the entire acquisition process - from the first ad to the closed deal. But not in this project. We asked ourselves: Are there ads and target groups whose contacts have been proven to make it to the final sales phase more often? Can we use this knowledge for the next round of testing at ad or target group level? In order to answer questions like these, two things had to happen:

coboworx granted us confidential access to their HubSpot CRM, from which we were able to derive valuable numbers and correlations.

This enabled us to build reports that are as easy to maintain as possible and as informative as possible.

We regularly look at these reports with Jan from our marketing and his sales perspective in order to derive the need for action for the marketing campaigns and the sales team and to share the respective information leads with each other. In this way, we are constantly increasing the conversion rates along the sales process - a KPI that both areas know well and measure themselves against.

What could such a project look like at your company?

Tell us about your dream - we'll make it a digital reality.


Patrick Andermahr

Head of PPC