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Our goal

Surveys repeatedly show that nursing staff are actually satisfied with their profession - but rarely recommend it to others. In terms of social and societal aspects, nursing is a meaningful profession and for many it is also a vocation. However, most nursing staff would like to be more appreciated and have better earning opportunities. That is why our mission is to offer nursing staff an appreciative and simple way to improve their professional situation.


On the other hand, we want to offer companies in the care sector software that solves the shortage of skilled workers better than previous competitors.


The experience with our start-up Road Heroes showed a clear perspective on how to make both players happier:


Employers and employees. It was therefore clear that our mission would be to create a platform for care workers.


The challenge

Why should an urgently needed specialist write an application? Why doesn't the company write an application?

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For many nursing staff, the shortage of skilled workers was only noticeable in that more work awaited them due to a lack of colleagues. There was little change in terms of pay or appreciation. Many colleagues were similarly dissatisfied with other employers, meaning that only a few nursing staff invested time in job applications. This was partly due to a lack of time and partly due to a lack of perspective.


Yet there are employers who set a good example. The challenge was therefore to present enough suitable nursing staff to particularly good employers and to focus on the requirements of the nursing staff.

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As a SaaS company in the care sector, we are naturally familiar with digital tools, marketing and sales. Pinetco is nevertheless an indispensable part: the developers are always going full throttle for our platform and HubSpot is essential for sales. Fortunately, we can fall back on Pinetco's marketing and HubSpot experts if we get stuck. Plus, we always have a lot of fun together :-))

Silvan Schroeren

COO Care Rockets GmbH

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The solution



We offer web, Android and iOS apps so that care staff can access our platform anytime and anywhere. This means there are hardly any technical hurdles for users. To meet the needs of HR managers, who rarely have company cell phones, company access via a web app enables independent use, regardless of the operating system and browser. Different roles allow multiple users with different rights to work in the same portal. In this way, Care Rockets fits seamlessly into everyday working life.




Our software enables precise matching between employers and employees based on the requirements of the employers in the job offers. If they match the user's requirements, they receive an SMS with a link to the job offer or can view it within the app. With just one click, the user can express their interest and the company then applies to the care worker.

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Target groups


To enable suitable matching, the company creates a filter for the entire user database in the target groups. Precise information increases the success rate of the company's offer.


Transparency platform


In order to offer nursing staff added value, we have implemented an evaluation feature. This enabled us to record all 32,000 employers in the care sector and display them on our rating platform. The data for the crawler comes from various publicly accessible industry directories.




We used a range of technologies for our platform. Our focus was to develop a platform that can be easily transferred to other industries. That's why Care Rockets is based on Laravel, VueJS, Tailwind CSS and runs on AWS servers.

What could such a project look like at your company?

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