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Digital order management and planning for household-related services

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Our goal

There is great potential for digitalization in the area of household-related services, as many processes are still based on paper. When billing, the services provided must be documented, which is currently done on paper forms. This requires a large amount of paper, which then has to be processed or digitized.


Zeitreicher organizes household and family services for cost units and private customers and collects the relevant paperwork.


The result:


  • enormous control effort
  • high susceptibility to errors
  • Incorrectly issued invoices


Zeitreicher attaches great importance to good digital processes with its own service providers in order to contribute to digitalization. Appointments with service providers are often scheduled via messenger services such as WhatsApp, which should be simplified and standardized.


The initial situation

Household-related service providers have a wide range of activities that need to be planned and documented.

The solution must therefore be able to do the following:


The solution must be able:

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    Plan various visits
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    Combine various services in one visit
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    Obtain various signatures
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    Plan recurring visits
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    and also assign them to different employees
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    Billing services
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    Automatically receive and accept orders from Zeitreicher
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The solution

The user can find all the important functions in a clear design with appropriate user guidance. We developed a web app in the cloud so that the solution can be used anywhere. This means that Capturno can be used on both mobile and desktop devices.


Laravel and VUEJS form the technological basis. The interface to the Zeitreicher system was implemented with a JSON API.


The functional scope of Capturno includes


  • Manage customers and contracts
  • Schedule visits and services
  • Recording times
  • Have visits digitally signed
  • Issue invoices

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