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Successful recruiting via social media - recruiting motivated nursing staff.



When nursing becomes a dream job again

Big Next Step was founded to take a more modern and human approach to care. The temporary employment agency puts the satisfaction of nursing staff first! With its many years of experience in the care sector and the specialists on board, Big Next Step supports its care staff in creating working conditions that perfectly suit their preferences, skills and private lives. To this end, they are constantly on the lookout for further motivated care professionals and suitable cooperation partners.

How does recruiting via social media work?
There are a variety of target group settings on social advertising channels - from demographic information to industries and personal interests - which enable us to display ads to potential candidates in a way that is precisely tailored to them. We then use the "Lead Ads" ad format to collect the applicants' contact details. The advantages of the format are the low hurdle and the simplicity: users of social channels are reluctant to leave them. With this ad format, they don't have to. The contact form opens directly within the channel and is usually pre-filled using the existing user data.

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In our industry, fast, seamless and well-documented communication with interested parties and candidates is the be-all and end-all. Since our foundation in early 2021, the Pinetco team has been helping us to attract the right candidates via performance marketing and to map the subsequent processes in HubSpot. We can only recommend this approach to other companies!

Tim Reitz

Managing Director



The initial situation

Big Next Step wants to build up and expand its pool of nursing staff. To this end, they want to enter into an initial exchange with nursing staff and convince them of the benefits of temporary work.

Our services

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    Setup of performance lead campaigns
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    Optimization of current ads, A/B testing of ads
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    Develop concepts for retargeting (custom audiences)
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    Develop concepts for look-a-like audiences
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    Creation of performance-oriented lead ad forms
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    Test of different placements
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    Advice on HubSpot


Review and results

The best-performing advertising channel
Our aim was to build up and expand an applicant pool for Big Next Step as quickly as possible. To this end, we launched paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and, after the first successful launch, also decided to run further campaigns on Instagram and TikTok. The placement of image ads in the Facebook feed and the placement of short video ads in Instagram stories and reels still achieve the best performance today. Both in terms of the quality and cost of the leads.

Appealing ad content
The right advertising channel and targeting a precise audience is useless if the ad is not compelling. We currently have an employee market - especially in the care sector. The application process and the first impression must therefore be particularly smart. Our chosen ad format, the "Lead Ad", makes it easier to make initial contact with potential candidates. There is no need to upload application documents and Big Next Step starts the contact process.

In addition, it is important to communicate in the ads that Big Next Step is aware of the shortcomings in this industry and is rethinking care. We achieve this with provocative sentences such as, "We don't just stand on the balcony clapping for nursing staff, we reward your work to a high degree." 
to develop this further.


Our recruiting successes
In regular meetings with Big Next Step, we discuss the quality of the incoming leads and the performance of the ads. This allows us to constantly make optimizations that lead to more quality leads and lower lead costs. The additional placement of short videos in Instagram stories and reels alone enabled us to double the monthly number of leads and reduce the cost per lead by 20 %. In addition, our collaboration enabled the client to open up new federal states for recruiting and further expand the internal team within the first 12 months.

What could such a project look like at your company?

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Patrick Andermahr

Head of PPC