HubSpot Training

You're already a HubSpot fan and want to know if you can get even more out of it? We offer tailored training for your company.



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HubSpot Training and Workshops

You're already a HubSpot fan and want to know if you can get even more out of it? We offer customized training for your company.

No training that has nothing to do with your business, where you can only take away 10% of the information.

If necessary, we're also happy to pinpoint the issues and thoroughly examine your HubSpot instance down to the last detail.


We Also Ask Questions Like:

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    What would the perfect process look like for you in this scenario?
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    Where do you think, "This should be possible," in your processes?
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    Where do you think, "It would be ideal if I had the following information now..." in your processes?

When Is Training Advisable?

Introduction to HubSpot and Marketing Automation (0.5 hours)

Basics of HubSpot as a CRM Overview of the various Hubs and their special features
Basics of marketing automation and its significance in marketing for 2024
Case study: Marketing automation in HubSpot for a SaaS tool

Building a Marketing Strategy (1.5 hours)

Requirements for implementing marketing automation in HubSpot
Development of an individual marketing funnel with an offer, landing page or lead generation form, follow-up actions
Development of benchmark KPIs for this funnel
Case study: Marketing funnel for an educational institution

Introduction to Necessary HubSpot Tools and Features (1.5 hours)

Detailed introduction to the necessary HubSpot tools:
Contact Lists
Landing Page
Subscription Types
Marketing Contact Status

Independent work with the demonstrated tools

Personalization in HubSpot Tools and Features (1 hour)

Emails with Smart Content
Landing Pages and Blogs with Smart Content

Content Strategy and Lead Nurturing (1 hour)

Development of a content strategy
Use of content in automation strategies
Lead nurturing techniques

Measurement and Analysis (1 hour)

Mapping KPIs in HubSpot dashboards
Creating custom reports
Optimization of automation campaigns

Feedback (0.5 hours)

Follow-up Session (after 3 weeks)

Answering additional questions
Discussion of experiences and challenges
Further tips and best practices
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The training with Pinetco provided me with a great overview of the possibilities of HubSpot. After that, we were able to get started properly.

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Tim Reitz

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