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Web design at Pinetco: Everything from one source

Maybe you already have a well-functioning website and want to redesign it so that it once again adequately represents your company? Very well. Maybe you are starting from scratch. Also great.

Because we feel comfortable with both challenges. What gives us this self-confidence? At Pinetco, we believe that only as a team can we achieve the best possible results and cheer each other on. That's why designers, developers and strategists work closely together at Pinetco.

In many agencies, developers and designers live in different worlds and only meet at the end of a project. Not so with us. Right from the start, design and programming work hand in hand - short communication channels, time saving and a really working result are our hallmarks. Not to forget: happy customers.


The secret of good web design

Always in view with us: Your target group. Web design cannot be arbitrary! Have you ever been on a website and immediately left it again because the first impression was simply not right?

Statistics and experience in the area of user guidance, through A/B testing and other analysis tools, ensure that our design is not just a gut feeling.

It is important that a design system remains flexible: Because the internet is fast moving and changing requirements for web design can be expected every 3-4 years.

That's why we build our web designs modularly - so flexible adjustments of the website are possible later. So you don't need a completely new website every few years, but you can constantly improve your site so that it always stays up-to-date.

Growth Driven Design is our keyword here.

Websiterelaunch: When do I need a new web design?

Here is a short list of indications, which can speak for adapting the design:

  • At trade fairs or sales events you are afraid to show your website because you are ashamed of it
  • You have the feeling that your competitors have visually more professional websites than you
  • Your bounce rate on the website is extremely high
  • Your conversion rate for marketing activities is very poor
  • You have strategically realigned yourself and your target group has changed fundamentally
  • You have not changed your website for 10 years
  • You have an innovative modern company and the design no longer seems fair

Nils Gaudlitz

Let Nils do his magic

Nils is a designer with passion and does not only think about colours and shapes, but has the whole company in view.