The Face of your Brand


“Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous.“

Ralph Caplan


The term "design" is quite abstract for many people. Understandable, because there is simply a very wide range of applications. At Pinetco, we always like to define design as the face of a brand or a company. 

It is the first impression a new customer or prospect has of your company or service. And, as is well known, this cannot be repeated.

Therefore, a smart design is one that is aesthetic, distinctive and suits you. In addition, a bad design can have a significant impact on the conversion rate on your website, for example, and thus have a direct impact on business success.

Especially in the digital universe, users tend to be very jumpy, which is why the first look at a website is often decisive.

Design plays a central role in many of our projects and can affect the most diverse media and application possibilities.

The secret of a good design

Beauty - as it is often said - is always in the eye of the beholder. A design should never be arbitrary or simply beautiful. And let's face it: This is not design, this is decoration!  

We therefore always ask ourselves the central question: Who is your target group, whom do we want to address? Whether a design should address Grandma Liesbeth or truck driver Klaus, that makes a big difference. Or can we imagine a design for Klaus with a scattered flower look? Good design simply "strikes the right note".

form follows function

Often said and still true: "form follows function". Although this design principle originally comes from product design, it can be transferred excellently to web and user interface design.

We do not design for our clients so that we can reflect a new dazzling project in our agency portfolio. We don't give a damn about alleged trends or aloof artistic development.

We focus on the user

Does he understand the user guidance and navigation elements? Are important buttons and forms quickly recognizable and easy to use? Is the structuring and graphic preparation of the contents logical and helpful for him?

So good design is much more than just beautiful. It serves you and your company, because it inspires your target group and thus ensures growth.

Keyword Redesign: When do I need a new design?

Design always communicates something. As Paul Watzlawick would say: "You can't not communicate". So the exciting question is, what does your current design communicate and are you satisfied with it?

However, a new design is not always the blanket solution to all problems. Sometimes completely different things are lacking. For example, you can have the most beautiful web design in the world - if nobody finds the page via Google, it doesn't help much. In the same way, you don't have to jump on every current trend as long as you have a timeless, flexible design.


Naventhan Jeyam

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