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Corporate Design


A corporate design (CD) is the red thread of your design. It is the superior guideline for all following advertising and marketing measures. The big master plan so to speak!

Having a master plan is of course never wrong. The advantage: You don't have to reinvent the wheel with every new advertising medium, which saves time and money in the long run!


Plus, you are more effective in your public image, since the recognition effect of your brand works across all media and thus synergy effects can be created. Strong brands are recognisable: What colour is Milka? What does the Apple logo look like? Most people could answer these questions in their sleep.

The CD is thus a conceptual elaboration that gives your brand a central meaning and a creative direction. The result is then a consistent branding.


The secret of a good Corporate Design

A good corporate design is flexible and can later be transferred to a wide variety of media - even to those that may not even exist today because they are only invented tomorrow.

Especially in the digital age, requirements can change and the design must be applicable to these new situations as if it had been created for them. Of course, this applies not only to digital, but also to print.

In addition, a good CD is conceptually well thought out and takes the target group into account. It is not arbitrary and does not orient itself to short-lived trends. Therefore it works timelessly or at least has a rather long life span. A famous example is the Nivea brand, which has remained true to its branding since 1925 with only marginal changes.

What does a good corporate design contain?

Corporate Design Manual

We are no friend of manuals that are endless in length (nobody reads them anyway). Instead, we'll break down the most important Dos & Don'ts with concrete examples and show typical applications.

The manual is provided as a PDF version and (if desired) also as mini online version.

  • Guideline Application of the logo (Dos & Don’ts)
  • Design grid and annotations on colour world, typography, design elements and visual language


Most corporate designs include the revision or creation of a new logo - a fantastic logo as the figurehead of your brand! This can be a word logo, an image logo or a complex logo system. In the process we develop:

  • Size system (logo variants for media of different sizes - from ballpoint pens to large-format posters)
  • If applicable: Logo variants with and without claim
  • Black and white, positive and negative versions of the logo for applications on light and dark backgrounds
  • Logo-Kit: Delivery in various formats (CMYK and RGB, vector and image formats) for further processing by other service providers


World of Colors

We take care of the definition of galactic house colors: Creation of a characteristic color spectrum, which ensures recognizability and is defined in different color systems:

  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • PANTONE-Special colors (HKS optional)


The typography essentially consists of determining your house font: In doing so, we make a selection of fonts that support the overall image and are suitable for use in web and print.

We often work with fonts which are license free for you (CC0-license). This means that you can install them as often as you want and use them on different channels and media without paying any license fees.

  • Definition of headline-typo (font styles and sizes)
  • Definition of text-typo (font styles and sizes)


Design elements

This involves the definition of recurring graphic elements that are characteristic of the corporate design, e.g.
  • Individual Icons
  • Bullet points
  • Tables
  • Visual language
  • Grid systems and much more


At this point, of course, the question of your industry and your personal requirements arises. Which advertising media are central for you and should be developed directly in your corporate design? These can be, for example
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Envelope
  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Roll-up
  • Email signature
  • Favicon

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