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Online Marketing

In online marketing there are few general solutions and often company-specific topics and requirements. In an online marketing workshop, we provide moderators who lead through the day using various methods from Design Thinking, interactive lectures and other tools. They also make sure that at the end there is a plan that all participants want to implement with motivation.

What benefits can you derive from our workshop offers? Find out!

How can an Online Marketing Workshop help? 

In our daily agency business, we quickly realised that in many situations a one- or two-day workshop for our customers is the best tool to make a big step forward in the various questions and topics concerning digitalisation in the company. 


We have experience with these situations and have conducted many successful workshops. In the end, our customers leave the workshop with concrete concepts and suggestions for practical application, which they could implement directly tomorrow.

No Marketing blah-blah

We can also throw around terms like SEO, SEA, CPC, CPO, inbound, CR, funnel, targeting and many more - and sometimes we do. But we want to pick you up where you are standing.

If you can't answer these questions right now:

  • ...who is currently visiting your website and what the visitors of your site are doing?
  • many of the visitors become customers?
  • ...what your customers google?
  • applicants interact with your company?
  • ...what vision your company is pursuing?
  • ...what your competitors do online?
- at the end of our workshop you will be able to.

Booking an Online Marketing Workshop: The exemplary procedure 

  • We will arrange a phone call or meeting to get to know each other.
  • Together we will agree on an agenda that includes your most important questions.
  • We prepare a concrete offer and date proposals.
  • After your approval, we send the participants a link with preparatory questions.
  • You and the participants will answer these questions so that we are all on the same stand in the workshop.
  • The workshop takes place.
    We usually moderate this workshop in pairs and consult experts from different fields on various topics.
    We work with various creative and moderation techniques, methods from Design Thinking and application examples. A workshop is not an 8-hour lecture - we work out the results together.
  • We create a documentation of the workshop.
  • From this, we implement the following recommendations for action together if necessary.
  • 1 to 2 months later, a follow-up meeting will take place to ensure that you have been able to bring the insights and motivation from the workshop to the company.

There are many agencies that offer good workshops. You should work with us if you ...

  • are looking for an agency that has experience in building platforms,
  • need moderators for skeptical participants,
  • are interestet in inbound marketing,
  • want to learn by example,
  • want to get to know modern methods and techniques,
  • you want to train your employees,
  • want to work interactively and develop topics yourself.

The typical workshop our clients book...

  • takes 6 to 16 h (1 to 2 days)
  • is designed for 1 to 6 participants
  • takes place inhouse at Pinetco in Wuppertal
  • is carried out by 2 moderators/consultants, possibly additional experts
  • costs 3.000 € to 20.000 €

Please contact us, if you are interestet in workshops with more participants in your company, lectures at seminars, meetings or conferences.


Barbara Buchholz

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