The rocket launch for your website

Google Ads

Google Ads offers you the possibility to be on top of with your own text ads without much effort. The advantage is obvious: You can very quickly buy huge amounts of traffic for your own website. 

Crucial for the success of the campaigns is thereby above all a founded background knowledge. Because: Google hides many pitfalls in its ad system, which can cost you as a user dearly.

Find out now how Pinetco can help you get the most out of Google Ads:


No prospects? Not with us!

Your growth is stagnating and new ideas to scale Google Ads are missing? Or even worse: Google Ads is not profitable for you yet? This is exactly where we come in! Pinetco shows you the way to a more profitable and sustainable Google Ads. We will check your keyword and product inventory, the fit of all contact points until completion as well as all chances of quality factor increase and the distribution of the budget on all relevant levels.


With this we answer these questions for you:

  • Do I allocate my budget sensibly?
  • How do I increase the number of incoming orders?
  • How do I reduce my costs per conversion?
  • Which characteristics does my target group have?
  • Do I already use all possibilities to address this target group?
  • Do I already use all the possibilities that Google Ads offers me, including automatisms, individual campaign formats and other innovations?

The free audit: Get to know us!


In order to create a common basis, we arrange a short meeting or initial discussion.

You tell us your wishes and goals regarding Google Ads.
After the phone call, you grant us reading access to your account.
Based on your account, we analyze the performance and show you in a follow-up telephone call (our audit) the most important starting points, errors and growth opportunities.

Together we will discuss possibilities for cooperation and make you an offer. Completely individual for you: Whether Google Display, Search, Shopping or YouTube. We offer the whole range of services.

The right agency: Why Pinetco?

You should work with us if you're looking for an agency that…

  • knows their craft,
  • offers you experienced & certified SEA specialists
  • has many years of experience in the B2C & B2B sector
  • is always oriented towards best practice solutions,
  • has a good connection to Google and its employees,
  • is interested in your business success,
  • develops long-term and sustainable strategies with you and
  • acts performance-oriented - just like you!
Every company is different, and that is exactly what makes our cooperation so interesting. We would be happy to send you a personal and non-binding offer, which is tailored to your requirements. In order to get a first impression of our scope of services, we would like to introduce our standard packages to you at this point - without any hidden costs:
Our Google Ads packages


1,000-1,500 € / month s-paket-rakete

  • Daily check ups
  • Budget Management
  • CPC Management


1,500-2,500 € / month m-paket-rakete

  • Daily check ups
  • Budget Management
  • CPC Management
  • Setting up of new campaigns
  • Maintenance of negative keywords
  • Ad optimisation
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing Formats


2,500-4,000 € / month l-paket-rakete

  • Daily check ups
  • Budget Management
  • CPC Management
  • Setting up of new campaigns
  • Maintenance of negative keywords
  • Ad optimisation
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing Formats
  • Google Display Network
  • Betas and new campaign formats
  • monthly reportings
  • monthly detailed analyses

Patrick Andermahr

Google Ads is his middle name

This is really true with Patrick - because he masters his craft so well that we internally only call him PadWords. No kidding. Find out how you can boost your Google Ads account with PadWords!