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Web design as eye-catcher

It is by no means only the inner values that matter. That's why our studied communication designers create web presences that captivate at first glance. We design on a small and large scale:

  • Icons
  • Logos
  • Advertisements
  • UX/UI concepts
  • Corporate designs
  • Web designs

...and, if you want, even truck tarps.

Especially online, the first impression is often decisive. That's why we create intelligent designs that not only look good, but work.


Website as a sales channel

No functioning online marketing without a good website - that's why we have programmers working for us who can build a top-quality website overnight (this one, for example). For us, websites are not just pretty online business cards. They have what it takes to be a sales machine, and we know exactly how to make them that way.

Why complicate things when you can make them simple?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you and not just us to work on your website. That's why we work with Hubspot, a content management system that thinks along with you, is secure and makes life easier for you and us.

SEO: This is a search engine optimized headline for search engine optimization

Because good search engine optimization works differently, we have SEO experts who know their trade. In addition to optimized texts and on-page optimization, we know the necessary technical tricks that are needed to get to the top of Google.

You can google me, therefore I am.

Conquer Google: with and without advertising

"You can Google me, therefore I am," it says on some of our Pinetco shirts. But there are different ways to be displayed on Google not only for your own company name, but also for your own industries, services or products.

Google Ads - outshine competitors and Wikipedia

Reaching potential customers at exactly the right moment when they make a purchase decision, even before the competition or other big players - that's Google Ads. What sounds simple can quickly blow a lot of money in the wrong hands. Our Google Ads professionals are responsible for hundreds of thousands of Euros of advertising budget. Through their experience they know the opportunities and pitfalls of Google Ads and fight for you for every cent.

Search engine optimized blogging and content marketing for sustainable traffic growth

Our website - which you are currently visiting - generates up to 78% of its traffic via organic Google search - in contrast to Google Ads without a single cent advertising budget.

Texter rockets produce blog posts and other content that serve Google queries better than anyone else. That pays off: The reach we get is priceless.

Social media - as a business on Facebook, Instagram and Co.

In addition to Google and its own website, social media is the online channel for reaching a broad mass. With good content and a clear message, you create proximity to the users and strengthen your own image. In this way you can present yourself not only as an impressive company, but also as an attractive employer, for example.

As digital natives, we know how to convey authenticity, reach your target group and build a community. And if you've always wondered how Snapchat works, we'll show you that too.

Facebook and Instagram as advertising platforms

You want social media marketing in the fast lane? You can have it! With ads on social networks, you'll be in the middle of it instead of just there. We filter target groups specifically for your product or service so you only reach people who are really interested in you. Bye bye, divergence loss!


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You want to conquer the Internet? We'll hoist the solar sails with you and navigate you safely through the wildest asteroid fields to your destination - and beyond.