Friends, we are out of our comfort zone!

Pascal Kremp
Pascal Kremp

Dear Friends, Family and Customers,

I am sitting on my sofa, watching out the window and everything looks like the days before.

But it is not.

What everyone and we as humankind don't need is to panic!

Take a deep breath!

I needed to do this as well, and I realized that even I need to remind me of some of our practices!

One of Ray Dalio's chapter in Principles is:

Embrace reality and deal with it

We can't change what happened, but we can change what is going to happen!

These days we do need to take extreme ownership more seriously than ever before.

If you read Extreme Ownership, you remember the chapter:

Prioritize & Execute

Here is a summary of this chapter.

We have to do this right now!

We need to do this on three levels!

  1. Private & family level
  2. Company level
  3. Supporting our customers and our new customers, we don't know yet!

These days we ALL have to be leaders!


We can't hope that data, numbers, and predictions are wrong!

Handling the situation on private and family level!

As we say in Germany: "The child fell in the fountain."

I am sure that we will be in the same state as Italy in just a few days. Our cities will be locked down!

So we need to be leaders and do it before the government forces us to do it.

I force myself and convince all my family members to stay home and just go out for groceries, AND we don't buy tons of stuff to make sure that others will be able to get food as well.

I tell them not to go ANY group events!

If you argue WHY this is important, people are more likely to follow.

Explain to them why it is important to flatten the curve of newly infected people:

Follow this link!

It is not because of just saving their health! It is because of saving others' lives!

As I tried to say: The chaos is already initiated!

So we do have to support however we can to flatten the curve!

What we as a company needs to do!

The system will collapse!


Nearly every company now does the same: Cutting costs at a rapid speed. Thousands of people are getting fired now and will lose their jobs.

Thousands of companies won't be able to pay their salaries because revenue will be 0!

The balance between supply and demand will change!

I talked with companies that do have financial reserves, they initiated "cutting costs" and started talking with banks as well!

The economy is a spinning wheel, a circulation, and a web! Everything is connected! It is an unstoppable wave that is growing up!

So the most critical part of the economy is that money needs to keep flowing! To pay bills and have money for essentials!

Therefore the government will and need to do anything possible to make this happening!

So I am sure that we as a company will find a way that everyone will get some money somehow!

This is my highest priority now!

Be a leader here as well, and explain the people around you what will happen and how the economy works in such an event!

Share this video:


And embrace them to watch the full video!

After we were able to make sure that salaries are paid, we need to focus on the future!

I don't know how the future will look like!

I don't know how to forecast our revenue right now!


Tim said:

Hello friends,
A thought or rather a feeling have never been as strong as today.
The coronavirus will trigger an economic crisis as no one has ever experienced. Several conversations with a wide variety of people made this very clear to me today. Many companies will die in this economic crisis. The good thing is, Pinetco is not just a company. Pinetco is a mindset, a cohesion, a spirit, a feeling, and the certainty that you never want to work differently again. And that won't die. No virus and no economical crisis in the world can kill us.

We are fucking awesome! We are the most agile and changeable company I know!

We need to observe, prioritize, and execute.

If we decide to be the winners in the upcoming wave, we will be!

I will take any risk that is needed to make this happening!

We will find opportunities for our customers and us!

Dear customers!

We will deliver what we promised!

And this is not what is written in the contracts!

We will be a partner with honesty! As we think about how we can win this game, we will think with and for our customers the same way!

We will talk with every customer what makes sense in this situation and how we can support them to handle this crisis even better!

The world will change!

We are feeling an earthquake for the digitalisation that forces every company to accelerate on a variety of topics!

Sales will change in the next days and months!

"Old structures" for sales and marketing like events and trade shows already collapsed!

So in this era, it is even more important to reach out to customers and partners in a digital way!

Thousands of companies will now take a home office culture seriously! Companies will need more software to overcome these challenges!

Companies will think differently about finance! This is our chance as well!

We will show the world why it is essential to be transparent here!

If all employees have access to financial company data, they clearly can make better decisions.


It's a nightmare! But after every dream, you wake up and start the day, and it is our choice of how we shape the day!

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